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The Contact Creative online portfolio directory features photography and illustration from many of the worlds finest commercial artists and agencies hence is composed almost entirely of high-quality, exclusive visual imagery. As you will be aware, copyright abuse is a very real problem for the creators of visual imagery therefore we hope you will read and understand these Terms of Access.

All the images presented on our site are copyright of Contact Creative UK LLP and/or the individual image maker. The site itself is copyright Nicholas Gould. Genuine purchasers of imagery are permitted to download and reproduce any of the images as "presentation visuals" only, provided this is done with a view to either commissioning the artist concerned, or of obtaining a license to use the specific image. You are absolutely forbidden to download or reproduce any of the images for any other purpose, including the use of the image as "Artists' Reference", an "ideas source" or as a "visual" for another creator to copy. CONTACT is a strong defender of its own copyright as well as a staunch supporter of others who seek to protect theirs. Please be aware that we shall not hesitate to take action for copyright infringements.

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