Contact Illustration and Photography source books have been the UK's leading resource for commissioning top quality photographers, illustrators and creative agencies since 1984.

Contact's enduring success throughout the evolution of the creative Industry over recent years has been achieved by consistently providing a well presented, unbiased and trustworthy resource for anyone looking to source highly skilled creative partners... a truly free service with no hidden costs, catches or hurdles.

Our range of print and online services enable Contact users to browse, research and compare potential creative partners in whichever way they prefer to make an informed decision on who to work with, free from any external opinions or influences but confident in the knowledge that whoever they choose can operate at a professional level.

Contact promotes a diverse and comprehensive selection of creatives working across all styles, specialisms and subjects by showcasing their sample imagery and direct contact details within a simple format across all mediums. All of our members are established creative professionals who you can be confident will deliver top-quality work, on-time and within budget.

We are impartial as to who advertises with us because we believe that creatives should be judged purely on the quality of the imagery they can produce and the applicability of their talents to the task in hand, however we take great care to investigate any new contributors to ensure they are genuine and the fact that members have paid to advertise on a level playing field with their competitors means that a high quality of content is maintained through 'survival of the fittest'.

For potential contributors we represent a hugely cost and time efficient way of presenting your imagery to thousands of potential clients in ad agencies, design groups, publishers, marketing departments and in-house design teams across the UK, Europe and worldwide.

Products and services

The Contact Photography and Illustration annuals

These iconic source books display sample imagery from a wide selection of top-end illustrators and photographers in award winning print quality. If you regularly commission creatives then please enquire about being added to the distribution list... there is no substitute for seeing the true quality of artwork in print.


Browse online editions of recent Contact annuals or pick from a range of more specific titles such as Character Illustration and Food & Drink Photography. Our interactive e-books are compatible with most systems including tablets etc and feature live on-page links, shortlisting functionality, email to a colleague, zoom functionality and video content wherever applicable.


A fast and effective online portfolio directory featuring only established creative professionals. Enter the keyword of your choice to find any associated images, peruse the most recent imagery or search by category, subject or style to get what you need.

Featuring 1000's of portfolios and with several methods of searching and filtering to pick from a more relevant selection, contact-creative is a highly efficient way to find, compare, research and commission talented and trustworthy creative partners.

The Contact Finder

A free service enabling potential commissioners to simply email or call in with their brief or a description of the task required to then be provided with a shortlist of suitable options to choose from, to help you make an informed decision we will also have the artists email you more specific sample images which are relevant to the task in hand.

If you have a brief to fill, pleasecall on 01737 241 399 or email the contact finder team to try it out today.

Email Marketing and Print Marketing Services

High quality direct marketing services designed specifically to be effective within the creative industry and offered at very competitive rates. Follow the links for more information or call on 01737 241 399 to speak with one of our in-house consultants.

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