Mike Ritchie

Over 30 years of experience in interpretive illustration. Clients: National Parks, National Trusts, Crown Estate, M.O.D. wine importers, vineyards and educational publishers. Illustrator and designer.

Mike Ritchie Mike Ritchie Mike Ritchie Mike Ritchie Mike Ritchie AONB Northumbrian CoastMike Ritchie Rudchester Roman FortMike Ritchie Bothwell ChapelMike Ritchie The World Atlas of WineMike Ritchie Preston MillMike Ritchie Lincolnshire CCPMike Ritchie Drum Castle and EstateMike Ritchie Torphichen PreceptoryMike Ritchie Greenbank HouseMike Ritchie Napa Valley vineyardsMike Ritchie Drumin Tower HouseMike Ritchie Wich HouseMike Ritchie Beech roots and nut.Mike Ritchie Umbrella PineMike Ritchie RootleMike Ritchie Blackberries
mikeritchie AONB Northumbrian Coast
Title: AONB Northumbrian Coast

Mike Ritchie

West Barn
Great Whittington
Newscastle Upon Tyne
Tyne & Wear
NE19 2HA
United Kingdom

Telephone:  + 44 (0)1434 672461

Image Information

An Area of Outstanding Beauty on the Northumbrian Coast.

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