Malou Burger

Malou (Marie-Louise) Burger is an accomplished photographer based in London, and has been shooting food and lifestyle for over 15 years. With a keen eye for details she creates sensitive & truly natural images with a knack for beautiful lighting and great technical ability. Recent commissions include advertising campaigns for McDonalds, Electrolux, packaging for Knorr, ...[expand/hide bio]

Malou Burger Cream pour raspberry pieMalou Burger Steak BurgerMalou Burger Cheese & grapesMalou Burger Fried egg on toastMalou Burger Stack of cheese biscuitsMalou Burger Icecream in vintage cupMalou Burger Icecream stackMalou Burger Yoghurt potMalou Burger Pizza sliceMalou Burger PavlovaMalou Burger Slicing roast beefMalou Burger Boy helping himself to foodMalou Burger Pouring white wineMalou Burger Girl holding glass of white wiMalou Burger Roast turkey with all the trimMalou Burger Cooked prawnsMalou Burger Hot Chocolate. Malou Burger Spaghetti BolognaiseMalou Burger Cheese sandwich
MalouBurger Cream pour raspberry pie
Title: Cream pour raspberry pie

Malou Burger

United Kingdom

Telephone:  07809 404998

Image Information

Cream pour over raspberry pie Food stylist: Kathy Man

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