Randy Glass

Randy began freelancing as an illustrator in the mid-’80s, quickly establishing a strong reputation for highly detailed representational drawing and painting. Although adept at working in color, he gravitated toward and has always preferred a simple black and white palette. He is a master of the graphic technique known as “stipple” — the process of marking a surface wit...[expand/hide bio]

Randy Glass WSJ Hedcuts 1Randy Glass WSJ Hedcuts 2Randy Glass WSJ Hedcuts 3Randy Glass ChefRandy Glass Lobster Still LifeRandy Glass Antique TelephoneRandy Glass Michael J. FoxRandy Glass Nestle Toll House CookiesRandy Glass Barack ObamaRandy Glass Hunde BeerRandy Glass Two-faced ManRandy Glass Yamaha MotorcycleRandy Glass Corporate PortraitsRandy Glass PineappleRandy Glass Gallo WineRandy Glass ElephantRandy Glass Soccer PlayerRandy Glass Mechanical HandRandy Glass Sub SandwichRandy Glass Watercolor Food
RandyGlass WSJ Hedcuts 1
Title: WSJ Hedcuts 1

Randy Glass

North Hollywood, CA
Los Angeles

Telephone:  818-985-3776

Image Information

Pen & Ink Stipple portraits created for The Wall Street Journal by Randy Glass

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