Chris Burke

Illustrator caricaturist and cartoonist. Editorial,books animation and posters. Clients include;BBC,Penguin Books,FT-How To Spend It,Comic Relief,M&S, Radio Times.Punch, Tesco,Sony,Sunday Telegraph,Irish Tourist Board,Sunday Times ,Guardian,The Times ,GQ (UK & USA),Vogue Work in London Transport museum and V&A

Chris Burke Mouton Dressed as lambChris Burke Angela MerkelChris Burke French BreadChris Burke Uneasy lies the head that wearChris Burke Chris Burke Celeb PitsChris Burke Steve JobsChris Burke Chris Burke Finishing the HatChris Burke Resting ActorChris Burke HalfwayChris Burke AliceChris Burke MontyChris Burke Golden YearsChris Burke Chris Burke Chris Burke
ChrisBurke Vladimir Putin
Title: Vladimir Putin

Chris Burke

40 Western Road
Tunbridge Wells
United Kingdom

Telephone:  +44 (0) 1892 531 329
Mobile:  0772 5946695
:  Facebook Chris Burke Studio

Image Information

Putin- Good Cop Bad Cop NGO commission for Climate Change Talks Demonstration. Printed copies sent to world leaders.

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